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My name is Vitaliy, I am the Head of design department in creative studio 44 Produxury. Our company located in Moscow, started in 2012. We provide a wide range of services in the media business – recording, mixing, songwriting, advertising, design (album cover, artwork), SMM and other more. In this article I want to introduce myself and provide additional information regarding potential benefits that you can get from working with me. First, I position myself as a designer, then as a leader of the business. I use only actual design solutions in my daily work, that have proven their effectiveness in many projects.


During these years we created a lot of music artworks (I think more than 500) for a various Russian artists. Many of them extremely popular on a local market, some of them have a status of international music stars.  And we are open to the artists around the world, all communication in English. It could be profitable for you, because our pricing much lower than in other European countries and in the US market. But quality is high, and we closely follow deadline. Also we can offer different international payment systems (PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union, card to card and other).

If you interested in design services, especially album cover design, music single artwork or lyric videos, it is easy to start. To get pricing and discuss the details you can communicate via email or messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram).

I will be glad to answer your questions by phone: +7 968 586 96 95
By email:

Or via messengers:


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